Friday, May 12, 2017

Favorite Spots - Suds Pub

Time for a little diversion.  Let's talk about one of our favorite spots...

One of our favorite places to go while we're in Maine is the Suds Pub.  It's this fantastic little pub in the basement of an old Victorian style inn.  They pour their drinks tall, the food is great, and our favorite bartender has a wicked sense of humor.  It's one of those interesting spots where tourists and locals collide.  We always feel very welcome there and really love the atmosphere.  The prices are great, aside from the lobster roll (but that's probably just there for tourists anyway).

"Hoot Night" is always an adventure.  That's their open mic night.  There are some talented folks around.  There are some other folks too.  Either way it's a good time.

They have a cocktail-style Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga machine there that gets my geek juices flowing.  One of my hobbies, other than hiking, is fixing old arcade and pinball machines.  My lovely girlfriend likes to gather up as many quarters as she can find in her purse and give them to whatever little kid is playing on the machine.

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement or anything like that.  We're just talking about a place we like.

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